Organic management of the vines

Vineyard cultivation

Each stage of the work in the vineyards aims to respect the environment and to express the peculiarities of our terroir for natural, expressive wines.

Organic farming

The entire Trépaloup Estate began its conversion to organic farming in 2010 under ECOCERT certification: vineyards, olive and fig trees.

Our wines and fruit are certified organic agriculture since the 2013 harvest.

Our choices: respect the environment, expressing the particularities of our region and offering you natural wine and fruit. 

We thus preserve the richness and diversity of our region.

We grow our vines using organic farming methods: Soil, no use of chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicide. Fertilization is organic, based on composts and manures. The plots are grassed every other row.

Agriculture biologique

Low yields and hand harvested

For the best quality grapes, we make sure to limit yields: pruning using the Royat cordon method, manual de-budding in spring and grape harvest in green on the most qualitative plots. Three quarters of the estate vineyard are harvested by hand. ébourgeonnage manuel au printemps et vendanges en vert sur les parcelles les plus qualitatives. Les trois quart du vignoble du domaine sont vendangés à la main.

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